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Integrate Hydrospark technology directly into your fitness products to give your company a competitive edge.

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Hydrospark - Turn your gym into a power plant.

Turn Your Gym into a Power Plant.

Using Hydrospark PowerCore technology, existing gym equipment, such as stationary bikes, treadmills and row machines can be converted into powerful clean energy generators.

Power can be stored in a battery wall to take your gym off-grid or can be pumped back into the grid, reducing or eliminating your monthly electric bill.

Stationary Bike, retrofitted with a Hydrospark PowerCore friction drive.

Retrofit Your Existing Gym Equipment.

Existing stationary bikes can be converted into powerful clean energy generators using the Hydrospark PowerCore equipped with a friction drive.

Hydrospark - Off-Grid Studios

Power in Numbers.

Connecting multiple bikes in series can turn your studio into a powerful and reliable clean energy system, cheaper and more powerful than solar. Systems can be sized to exactly meet your space and power requirements.

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