PowerCore Duo: Gen 1

Power x2

A powerful, compact clean energy generator for a changing world.

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Turbine Drive

Equipped with the turbine drive, the PowerCore can be installed inline in any moving water or high pressure air scenario.

Belt Drive

Using the belt drive, the PowerCore can be used in fitness equipment and automotive applications.

Chain Drive

The chain drive gives the PowerCore power generation capabilities in the personal transportation space.

Friction Drive

The friction drive is ideal for retrofitting existing fitness equipment in the gym or at home.

PowerCore Front View

Small but mighty.

Capable of producing up to 5kW per unit, the PowerCore is a powerful and compact clean energy generator.

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PowerCore Installed Inline

Power at scale.

Whether we tap into existing water lines or create a large power station in your mechanical room, Hydrospark technology can be scaled to meet your buildings energy needs.

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