PowerBlock Clean Energy System

The Future Has Arrived.

The PowerBlock is the world's first mini-hydroelectric energy system. Using a buildings existing water supply you can reduce or eliminate1 your monthly electric bill.

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The PowerBlock

The Hydrospark PowerBlock is a powerful mini hydroelectric clean energy generator containing multiple PowerCores equipped with micro-turbines.

PowerBlock energy generators are designed for high energy demands and are ideal for large commercial, industrial, and multi-tenant residential buildings.

Hydrospark PowerBlock Modularity

Built to scale

Innovative Modular Design

PowerBlocks are stackable and can be interconnected to meet your power requirements.

Sized to fit

At just 22” wide, 40” long and 27” tall, a single PowerBlock can easily fit in a closet or an array can fit in utility room.

1. Your monthly savings is dependent on your buildings incoming water flow (PSI and GPM).