The Building of the Future, Powered by Hydrospark

With a range of innovative clean energy products, you can reduce your carbon footprint and monthly electricity costs.

City Water In

Generate power from your incoming water supply using inline Hydrospark PowerCore turbines.

Gray Water Out

Generate power from your outgoing gray water supply using inline Hydrospark PowerCore turbines.

Rain Water

The building rain leaders will funnel water through a Hydrospark PowerCore turbine at the basement level.

Peak Shaving

Save money on energy costs by pumping water to rooftop storage tanks during off-peak hours and then running it through ground-level turbines when your building energy demands are at their highest.

Power Gym

Turn your gym into a power plant by converting your bikes, treadmills, and row machines into powerful clean energy generators.

Smart Apartment

The smart apartment will minimize power requirements while maximizing comfort by using intelligent controls and low voltage DC lighting, fans, entertainment systems, and appliances.

Public Bike Share

A free bike share hub can transfer power back into the building when residents dock their bikes, using portable battery packs.

Car Charging Station

You could offer residents a free car charging station that uses the battery wall or its internal battery storage system.

Battery Wall

Store energy from all of your power sources throughout the building.

Solar & Wind

Use solar and wind to power pumps, or as a supplemental power source.

Take the Power Back

See how Hydrospark can reduce your buildings carbon footprint and save you money.

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