Hydrospark is a clean energy startup focused on capturing wasted energy and converting it into clean, reliable power.

There is the potential to capture and reuse wasted energy all around us. The water running through your home as you shower or wash the dishes, the hour you spent at your local gym spin class, all have lost energy potential. Hydrospark develops products and solutions to capture that otherwise lost energy and convert it into clean, reliable power.

Our main products, PowerCore and PowerBlock, are ideal for commercial, industrial, and multi-tenant residential buildings where there is a large volume of flowing water.

The Hydrospark PowerCore, equipped with its microturbine drive, can be integrated directly into a building's potable, gray water or rainwater piping networks, generating electricity with any movement of water. With the Hydrospark PowerCore, you will be able to reclaim otherwise lost energy and convert it to clean, reliable power.

The Hydrospark PowerBlock is a powerful mini hydroelectric clean energy generator containing multiple PowerCores for higher energy demands. Whether we tap into existing water lines throughout the building using individual PowerCores or create a large PowerBlock hydroelectric power station in your mechanical room, Hydrospark technology can be scaled to meet your energy needs.

Our PowerFit line uses Hydrospark PowerCore technology in new or existing gym equipment, such as stationary bikes, treadmills, and row machines. The PowerCore, equipped with a belt or chain drive, uses the fitness equipment's existing radial force to generate clean energy.

The future looks bright.

See how Hydrospark technology can change the world we live in.

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